Crazy Wear what crazy feels

Big, bold, brave and adventurous - our crazy knows no age, no gender, no geography. It knows its crazy kind and it sees you. Go on then, you bright, brazen one - lets get to know you!

About Us

Smugglerz, a college nickname that stuck and a brand was born.

Smugglerz was always on the look-out for something different. A cut out of the mundane, seen before, worn before Sleep & Loungewear Essentials.

The pickings were few and the quality, sketchy at best.

Choosing to be the change, Smugglerz collaborated with Artists and created its first line of Boxers & Pajamas. It was the start of many such collaborations and the way we saw our Sleep & Loungewear changed for us as a company.

We create our collections through the lense of crazy, good, clean fun - with Collection having its own unique story to tell. Printed across Boxers, Pajamas, Sleepshirts, Smundies & more.

you & us, Same-Same

If you, like us enjoy comfortable and quirky wearable art, we know you’ll love Smugglerz Inc.. Pick from Graphics & Fabrics of your choice and lets own that crazy downtime!

Pure cotton

100% Pure Cotton with Digital Prints that don’t fade easy!

play cool

Our signature PlayCool®️ Fabric is Anti-Microbial & Anti-Odour with the perfect 4 way stretch.

tencel modal

Sustainably sourced & ridiculously soft micro-modal fabric that is created by Lenzig, Tencel™️ sets the bar high for comfort.