About Us

Smugglerz, a college nickname that stuck and a brand was born.

With a passion for art and graphics and a family heritage of Textiles and Manufacturing, Smugglerz took its first steps to make the world of Sleep and Loungewear fun through art and amazing fabrics.
We believe art is essential. Graphics drive emotions. Graphics that have a meaning or not, graphics that are playful. Graphics of your favourite artists (yes - that Red Hot Chilli Peppers tees you’ve collected are priceless!) and Super Heroes (who doesn’t LOVE Batman?). Art is an outstanding, visual expression of thought. And an incredible mood lifter. 
What we wear to bed, laze around at home in or even wear to the gym, have been underrated. These are clothes that can make us feel like a hobo or jazz up our mind, setting us up to slay the day. Art speaks to your mind. And if that art is wearable in the purest cottons and high functioning performance fabrics, you’re set.
Smugglerz is just that - Art & Comfort combined. 
If you, like us enjoy comfortable and quirky wearable art, we know you’ll love Smugglerz Inc.. 
Team Smugglerz Inc.